Mark Kingsdorf by Mark Kingsdorf, MBC


OK, enough time has elapsed to tell one, tiny, story out of school….

Back in about 2001 when I first started The Queen of Hearts, I was hired to do a wedding with an interesting story…. The bride had been engaged twice before {and called it off} and the groom had been married twice before {not an amazing track record for this wedding}….

Bride was STUNNING; ceremony on the lawn overlooking the valley was beautiful, tented reception on a paved tennis court was amazing….

We’ve opened the dance floor and the DJ is taking requests when suddenly I hear a guest with a rather heavy southern accent announce that as a special treat for all of the family, that the bride will sing their favorite song – CRAZY, by Patsy Kline.

Now, my jaw drops as Crazy – “crazy for loving you” IS NOT the song for this couple with a not so great track record…

While I contemplate tackling the uncle or pulling the plug on the electric, the bride puts on her best smile and belts it out…

So, this brings me to a HUGE point {finally Mark!}

What songs do you think are NOT appropriate for a wedding reception?

My favorites on this list are:

  1. CRAZY {for obvious reasons}
  2. Freda Payne’s Band of Gold–  “all that’s left is the band of gold and the memories of what love could be, if you were still here with me” {Sorry Allison and Tripp, I know you love this song}
  3. Time to Say Good Bye { English or Italian it still talks about sending a lover away}
  4. Hit the Road, Jack – {duh?}
  5. I Will Survive – (SMH, really DUH?}
  6. Runaround Sue {especially if the bride, or her mother, are named Sue}
  7. ANY song with an EX (girlfriend or boyfriend’s) name in the title

So, what are some of you favorite (OK, least favorite) song played at weddings that make you Shake Your Head?