By: Rebecca Richman 

Mark inspired me with this post  to write a blog about some things you may not know about me. So, here goes nothing…


  • I am deathly afraid of bees, in fact terrified of any flying bug with a stinger. I will literally scream bloody murder and run around like a 4 year old girl with my arms over my head in front of anyone if a bee is chasing me. The Dalai Lama could be engaging me in some spiritual conversation and if a bee were to fly near my head I would flea in a fit of absolute terror.
  • I can eat chocolate icecream all day long, in fact, was skyping with my sister one MORNING and she asked what I was eating and I responded that I was eating icecream. This problem has only been compounded now that Dan's family bought us an icecream maker. 
  • My favorite tv show is the “West Wing”. I own the entire series and can tell you just about anything about any episode. I struggle between who I love more, characters Sam or Josh. I dream for a day when President Bartlett is actually in the White House and plan on naming my first daughter Ainsley Hayes.
  • Or I will name my first daughter Abigail after Abigail Adams. I read the book “John Adams” by David McCullough (as I'm a bit of a history buff) and ever since have been in awe of Abigail’s strength, intelligence and courage. What an incredible woman.
  • My household is run by two of the cutest kittens a person could have. I am a proud momma to siblings Moofie and Bubba.
  • I one day hope to run a marathon. The most I’ve ever run is 10 miles so we’ll take it a day at a time.
  • I am an incredibly proud and right now anxious sister to Amanda who is in the army and currently stationed in Iraq for her 2nd tour of duty. Even though she is my little sister, there is no one in this world that I look up to more than her.
  • I am a new vegetarian and could not be happier with my lifestyle change. I chose to give up meat for both moral and health reasons and already see a difference in my life.  I also plan on getting more involved in and becoming a bigger advocate for animal rights.
  • I just got married in March to my husband Dan (I love the way that sounds) and can barely put into words how happy he makes me every single day.
  • I once met Bill Clinton and when presented with the opportunity to say just about anything (and hopefully something intelligent) all I could do was shake his hand and say “I’m a big fan”. SMH.
  • I’m culinarily challenged but can bake like it’s nobody’s business. Martha Stewart's cupcake book has been a blessing. 
  • I hope to travel the world even if that means that our trips revolve around countries that have world-class soccer teams (or futbol teams as my husband just corrected me).
  • I’ve never had a cavity or a broken bone (knocking on wood) which for anyone who knows me is a miracle as I love sour patch kids and am the biggest clutz in the world. 

I hope you got to know me a little bit better! Who's next from the team?