by Karen Peterkin, PBC

One of the most important things to solidify before planning your wedding is your wedding style. 

Today there are a plethora of websites that showcase design and inspiration boards, and those boards can really help you identify what you are attracted to. 

But they are less than helpful when it comes to finding out what style elements are actually feasible in your budget!  

While vacationing last month in New England, I was reminded how the "New England Coast" feel and look are very unique- it's a style that you could place under "beach" but that wouldn't really sum up that particular style, would it?

I fell in love with a book a few years ago, and still love today for it's helpfulness, is Style Your Dream Wedding by Susie Coelho

Not only are the photographs amazing, but there are many exercises in the book that help you really solidify the style of your wedding.  From there the decor, attire, and printed items really fall into place.