By: Rebecca Richman

I really enjoy working in an industry as creative as the wedding industry, one in which trends are constantly changing or evolving. I’ve recently been noticing a trend taking off involving paper origami and its use in wedding décor and it actually brings me back to a wedding we did at the Union League in 2008. Our bride Emily is a teacher and her school kids from her class folded paper origami figures that we then placed on the tables as part of the centerpiece décor. They really added some texture and a pop of color to the tables and there was obviously that sentimental tie in as her students were involved with making them.

From Dave Campli Photography


My bride Adie also recently worked with her friend to create pinwheels out of paper as escort cards for her wedding at Appleford. They were so whimsical and everyone had such a fun time with them!

From Sweetwater Portraits


Here are some more inspirational photos I found in which origami was used for décor.


From White Rabbit Studios

If you want to make your own origami figurines to use as décor in your wedding check out this link for directions for folding different shapes.

Origami Instructions

Using different colored paper or paper with a unique texture gives the figurines a dynamic look. Remember to get creative! Uniqueness is all in the details!