by Karen Peterkin, PBC

I’m currently restocking my emergency kit, and I’m reminded about how important a well-stocked emergency kit is.

It’s funny to compare my professional emergency kit, the one we use as wedding planners for our Full Service Planning clients and our Wedding Day of Directing clients, to the one I assembled for my own wedding almost seven years ago.

Back then I didn’t know what I know now as a Planner, and I included a lot of toiletry items, some snacks, a needle, and a couple spools of thread.  It’s a good thing we didn’t have any major emergencies!

With all of my experience over the years as a wedding planner, I still include a variety of toiletries, pain relievers, snacks (for those that don’t make time to eat that day!), and a sewing kit.

But now I include floral tape (for those boutonnieres you have to make on the fly!), fashion tape,  extra place cards (for those that get misplaced- yes it happens), four different kinds of glue, four different kinds of tape, extra extension cords, a full tool kit, sandpaper, a light bulb (in case one is forgotten for Breaking the Glass!), extra black socks (in case a groomsmen decides to wear white),  and a multitude of things to keep perfectly styled hair in it’s place!

This is certainly not the end of my kit… I just wanted to highlight some of the items.

A well-stocked emergency kit helps us to troubleshoot more easily on wedding day!