We rarely blog about other blogs or other people’s blog posts….

Today I HAD to make an exception, we follow a great blog for wedding and event professionals called Think Splendid – I’ve known and followed Liene Stevens for quite some time…

Yesterday, she addressed an issue near and dear to my heart – Styled Photo Shoots  – and the fact that sometimes these inspirational photos shoots get reposted, re blogged or “tumbled” ….they often get viewed by brides-to-be without making it clear that these are not Real Weddings.

And how challenging it is to explain to a ‘crushed bride that the flowers she had her heart set on (and created her entire color palette around) don’t actually grow in that color in nature and were photoshopped to match the rest of a blog’s inspiration board.’

Liene went on to recommend that ‘If you’re sharing a styled shoot, please make sure you clearly label it so that a couple can plan a beautiful wedding with realistic expectations.’

We feel EXACTLY the same way!

We don’t feature Styled Shoots (frankly we’re too busy working on our clients beautiful weddings to have enough time to stage photo shoots)…..

I’ve also had issue with the fact that too many of these styled shoots set unrealistic financial expectations…. It might be pretty to do for one table, and a little expensive for 3 or 4…..

But, most of our clients weddings are 150- 250+ guests – that’s 15- 25 or more tables –


How about the reality of how long it takes to style more than one or two of these tables – we have venues where clients are hosting receptions we can get in 3 hours before…some of these shoots take 3-4 hours to style one table…

So if you are looking at a planner or decorator whose work features something that looks like a real wedding…..please know it might be an ‘inspiration shoot” or ‘styled shoot” ….
And if you’re not sure….ask!