by Kristin Park

During the planning process most couples typically don’t think about what could go wrong BUT what would you do if one of your groomsmen fainted during your wedding ceremony? Now imagine if that happened and you didn’t hire a wedding planner!

Recently I had the privilege of coordinating the wedding of a local wedding professional’s daughter; thankfully they saw the importance of hiring a wedding planner.

The day started off with LOTS of wind and rain which caused us to go to ‘plan B’ and take pictures inside, however this was a minor hurdle compared to what we faced during the ceremony. Even with the change in plans we were able to remain calm and work with the photographer to suggest some great photo spots inside the venue, remaining calm and positive allowed our bride to relax because she knew that we had it under control.

While the bridal party was getting ready we made sure that there was plenty of food and water on hand, everyone was well hydrated and fed before the ceremony. We encourage our couples and their bridal parties to skip the booze before the ceremony…and it’s not because we’re mean! We feel that this is important so that you and your wedding attendants bring their “A” game; we want you to be the best that you can be…it’s your wedding day after all.

We got everyone down the aisle and I tucked myself up in the balcony, so I could keep an eye on the ceremony, our other team member stepped out to check on the reception setup. About halfway through the ceremony I notice one of the groomsmen begin to fall to the ground!

At that time I ran down the stairs (just one reason I ALWAYS wear flats while working) and informed the Maitre’d , grabbed our other team member and we headed into the ceremony location.

We helped the groomsman to a seat and had him drink the glass of water, loosened his collar and within a few minutes the groomsman was standing again. We just started to turn around when a bridesmaid fainted, our other planner went to help her to a seat and got her a glass of water. Moments later another bridesmaid was taking a seat and I was getting another glass of water. That’s right, 3 people fainted during the ceremony!

It’s important to keep the room cool and comfortable when having a large amount of people in a small space. You may even consider providing your guests with a “refreshment station” and offer water or lemonade before the ceremony. Also important to remind the bridal party to keep their knees slightly bent while standing.

Fortunately we were there and were able to control the situation and the evening continued without a hitch.

When planning your wedding I know you don’t want to think of what could go wrong, but accidents do happen and you want to be prepared.

While interviewing wedding planners for your wedding ask them how they would troubleshoot different situations, doing this will give you a better idea on their ability to think on their feet in case anything did go wrong on your special day. You want to know that the wedding professionals that you hire can keep their cool under pressure and that their experience counts when you need it the most!