Recently I heard some photographer’s frustration about when they have clients whose first question is: “Have you ever shot at my ceremony or reception venue?”

We hear this as well as we prepare our list of photographers for a client.

We narrow down a list of photographers we have worked with or researched to 3. We do this based on the photographer’s price, product and personality; based on who is available for a client’s wedding date.

We NEVER look at whether or not the photographer has ever shot at a particular venue.


Because it doesn’t matter – a great professional photographer is going to find great backgrounds regardless of whether or not they have ever shot there, a professional photographer will be making a site visit before the wedding if they have never been there to check it out.

As a matter of fact, photographers who shoot at a particular venue often, sometimes get caught up in shooting in the same spots…and your wedding photos can start to look like everyone else’s who they shot there…

So instead of asking: “Have you ever shot at my ceremony or reception venue?”

Start asking: “Do you typically do a site visit if you’ve never shot at my ceremony or reception venue?”

You might be glad you did!