Actually, how green is my wedding professional?

I’m a firm believer that a green wedding starts with how green each of the wedding professionals are in their personal lives….

You can’t just wake up and decide to plan Green Weddings; it needs to be part of your day to day life!

In our personal lives each of our team members recycle as much as possible {Rebecca’s husband works for Recycle Bank},  we all try to purchase local , seasonal and organic foods, in my house we compost and drink filtered water ….we just brought in an eco friendly landscape company to plant our yard with native plants….

It translates into our business…. We recycle in the office, bring home anything we can from events to be recycled, use post consumer recycled paper, recycle ink cartridges, print as little as possible, all of our documents are send via PDF rather than printing out contracts and planning documents and we support great environmental causes.

One of our biggest challenges is encouraging other wedding professionals NOT to send us piles of brochures and business cards – we run as green an office as possible…we add wedding professionals into our data base and send our couples links to each professionals website and blog rather than handing off a business card or brochure

WE LOVE to talk to local wedding professionals about their environmentally friendly practices, to know who might be the best fit for couples specifically looking for a Green Wedding; but also to be able to encourage them to change some of their practices to be more environmentally friendly.

So, when you look for a Green Wedding, or interview a “Green Wedding Planner” make sure to ask them what they do in their own lives; as it’s tough to plan green weddings when you don’t live a green lifestyle to start with….

But remember – Green Weddings are NOT an all or nothing deal, any green elements you choose to add to your wedding help the environment

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle…. It works for your wedding too…

Happy Earth Day!