By: Rebecca Richman

While places like Hawaii, Bora Bora and the Bahamas are still popular locations for brides and grooms to honeymoon, I’ve noticed as of late that many newlyweds are beginning to choose more unusual and adventurous locations…like Treehouses!

Many tropical locations like Jamaica, Australia, and Costa Rica are offering luxury accommodations in the form of treehouses! The treehouses are typically located in tropical jungles or rainforests offering incredible views and adventurous surroundings.  They have the same amenities offered by many hotels with multiple bedrooms, bathroom spas, full kitchens, telephone, Internet and cable.  It’s definitely something different than your standard resort or hotel and as long as you aren’t afraid of heights it would definitely be a unique experience!

Tap into your inner Tarzan and check out the Canopy Treehouses in Australia or the Kanopi House in Jamaica

Always remember though to use a travel agent when booking your honeymoon.  In addition to helping you with the booking and planning process, they can help you to get insurance for your trip in the event that something happens.  We also always recommend waiting a day or two after the wedding to leave for your honeymoon so that you don’t have to rush through packing and so that you have a moment to say goodbye to family still in town and to decompress from all of the activity of the wedding day.  For my last honeymooning tip, one thing I learned on my honeymoon was to turn off my phone.  No email or phone calls for the entire trip allowed us both to relax and enjoy ourselves without thinking about what work may be piling up at home.