Recently I’ve heard things from brides about not having the ‘bride gene’ or not having a ‘vision’ for their wedding….

I’ve even heard people talk about tossing and turning and not being able to sleep because of this…

My answer – BREATHE!

Planning a wedding is much like painting a landscape on a blank canvass –

The ceremony site being like the sky and the reception venue like the ground….once you have those two pieces selected and “painted in” you’ll have a great background for everything else.

Selecting a color palette seems to be really stressful and there is a simple formula for doing this….

First go to bridal and design magazines and start pulling things out that you like – like the color but hate the arrangement –OK, for now, just look for color

Then we suggest looking at your reception venue and the color palette there. You’ll be spending four to five hours of your wedding day in this space – see which of the colors you LIKE work well in this space.

Unless of course you have the budget or ability to drape the entire space or drastically change it with lighting – the colors you ultimately end up with should not fight the space where you’ll be spending the largest amount of your time.

Next, FIELD TRIP! I love sending our couples to a paint or hardware store – go look at paint strips and find some in the color range you are looking at….take a couple strips as they show colors in a slight range darker and lighter and one may work better in the space than another.

My best ‘cheat’ is so cool…. Now look at some of the designer swatches – you know the ones where they show three complimentary colors in designing a bathroom, bedroom or kitchen. You’ve just had a professional (probably VERY well paid) designer help you with picking colors that compliment your main color!

Beyond the ceremony and reception site you want to paint in the big pieces – Photography, Band/DJ, Videographer and décor – then later when the big pieces are in place you’ll add in the details….

Things like menu, music selection, wedding favors, and touches that reflect your personality should be painted in after the big pieces are in place…

Too many times I’ve seen brides pick little details near the beginning of the planning process and “paint over them” with bigger details or chance from their original vision, only to have them lost in the shuffle…

Paint with a broad brush near the beginning of the process to set the tone for the event and then come in with your artist brush to bring in the beautiful details reflecting you nearer to the wedding day…