No, really…..

How many weddings have you been to in the last year where the bride sat down, leaned over or jumped in the air while dancing and put the ‘goods’ out there for the entire reception to see?

I’m just STUNNED that bridal salons don’t take the time to properly fit a bride’s gown for the things she’ll be doing on her wedding day!

Let’ start at the beginning –

Sitting – at some point during your ceremony, you’ll probably have to sit.

 A properly fitted gown will not gap out in the front. Make sure at your final fitting that you sit in your gown without it being bustled.

Standing – I keep watching brides tug at their gown (especially strapless) like they are sliding down.

First of all, it’s probably not, its nerves. Secondly, if you have the gown fitted to where it’s just a ‘touch’ snug.

Most natural fiber fabrics are going to stretch just a though when you move in them…. (Like the way your jeans stretch a bit the longer you wear them)

Dancing – chances are that either your fiancé (new husband by this time) or your dad might be taller than you…

At your fitting, when you put on your gown, reach forward like you are dancing with your hands on their shoulders. The gown should move with you … so you don’t look like the bride in the photo above.

And lastly, after they bustle your gown…sit in it! This has less to do with putting ‘the girls on display” and everything to do with whether the bustle is done properly and whether you’ll be able to sit comfortably after the gown is bustled…

The best way to enjoy your wedding is to be comfortable in your gown….pushing, pulling, lifting, shifting and not being comfortable when you sit is not the way to enjoy the night…

Take a few minutes when you have your gown fitted and you’ll be sure to enjoy the night…