OY, some days we jump off onto topics that aren’t all that pretty…and usually because no one else is willing to talk about the topics…

Today is one of those days….

Beds- specifically “Heads in Beds” refers to booking room blocks for weddings and how they work….

Wedding Room Blocks, for the most part are extended to us as a courtesy …especially in those cases when you are NOT hosting your wedding reception at the hotel, and even then catering is not always the big money maker at most hotels, filling rooms IS

When we book room blocks most hotels will give us a few rooms a night for a number of reasons…

Most brides want to hold WAY more rooms for out of town guests than they ever book

They are not booked to a master account like a corporate account or a tour group, so they are at the mercy of whether or not your guests will actually book in the block…

 So your group rate generally won’t be as low as many tour groups and if you guests look hard enough on line they might find a cheaper rate – HOWEVER they will pay in advance with no ability to cancel if something comes up

However, hosting an event like a rehearsal dinner or post wedding brunch with the hotel can increase your bargaining ability…

Other than you wedding date there are other things to know before you call to book a room block –

If there will be people booking additional dates (before or after the wedding) as an extended vacation – this will allow you to lock into the same rate for them for several days before and after the wedding.

 What kind of rooms you might need – setting aside a number of rooms with a double/double (two double beds) for college friends sharing a room is good to know if advance – also ask about a few suites for parents or family friends…if they are coming in from out of town.

 Knowing that you are probably NOT their bread and butter and how to approach them nicely and prepared with all the information you need is the best way to get what you need….