We LOVE what we do, and one of the many reasons is that so much of the education and networking we get to do is SO MUCH FUN!

In honor of the Chinese New Year – The Year of the Rabbit – my colleague Gene Blum of Drexelbrook Catering was kind enough to organize dinner at Joy Tsin Lau here in Philadelphia’s Chinatown.

Gene organized a nine course; thirteen dish menu representative of a traditional Chinese Wedding Banquet

Everything was served family style to our group of about 20 wedding professionals with several family and friends, we dined on.

Seafood & Corn Soup

Deep Fried Spring Rolls
Fried Shrimp Balls
Steamed Pork Dumplings

Peking Duck

Deep Fried Sirloin Steak with Chinese Sweet Cream Sauce
Lobster with Ginger & Scallion
General Tso Chicken

Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables

Long Life Noodles

Ice Cream
Seasonal Fruit & Asian Cookies

Along with the wonderful food we enjoyed learning about the significance of all of the foods and many customs associated with Chinese Wedding Banquets and New Year’s traditions.

We’re actually making this a tradition where we’ll explore restaurants and various cultures wedding traditions through their food…

What a great job!

May You Become Prosperous!