by Rebecca Druckenmiller

While I can’t show you my dress quite yet I did want to write about my dress shopping experience and share something that I realized during the process. 

I went shopping back in September with my mom, sister, future mother in law, future sisters in law and of course Mark and had a fabulous time. 

 We started off at Priscilla of Boston in Ardmore where I was greeted by my salon consultant and began picking out a few dresses while describing the style I liked.  There was a gown that I had stalked for three years, it was from the Melissa Sweet line and I thought it was going to be “the one”.

I quickly realized that you don’t always know what will look good on you until you start to try things on, so always go in with an open mind.  Try to choose a few things that you’re looking for in your dress, but be willing to stray a little and try different styles.  We came away from Priscilla of Boston with a dress for my mother in law and with one serious contender for me, but I was definitely going to go to my next appointment at Kleinfelds in NYC!

Kleinfelds was really incredible.  Their selection was huge and my consultant was so lovely. 

I once again described what I had wanted to feel like in my dress (romantic, simple, timeless) and let her do what she was trained to do.  We tried on several gowns and on the third round of gowns that she brought into the room I eliminated all but one and tried it on. 

When I came out to show it to my family and Mark and Randy Fenoli (he was so nice to come over and join us), everyone agreed that it was beautiful.  It fit me just right and was everything I had described that I wanted in it. 

 One thing I wanted to discuss in this blog entry is something that I think many brides struggle with.  Now while I knew that this was the dress that I wanted to walk down the aisle in, I didn’t get the whole this is “the one” feeling.  I knew the dress was beautiful, I knew I looked great in it, I knew it fit the venue and my budget, and knew that I wanted to get married in it, but I wasn’t one of those people who got this explosion of emotion when I tried it on. 

While I did a little dance in it on the podium, I didn’t cry when I tried it on and I want to tell you that that’s okay. 

I was watching “Say Yes to the Dress” the other night and another bride mentioned that she was waiting for the stars to align and for fireworks to go off when she had found her dress, but she didn’t, so she began to worry even though she loved the dress. 

 I think there is a lot of pressure put on brides today to react a certain way to “the one” and I felt that because I didn’t cry and didn’t get that “feeling” that I found that I was beginning to doubt myself.  But I know that this is the dress I want to get married in and it’s okay if you don’t have the reaction that you thought you would.  Everyone is different and everyone reacts differently and you don’t have to cry, there may not be fireworks, the stars may not align…you may just find yourself loving your dress and that’s okay! 

As long as you love your dress, and know that you will feel beautiful and comfortable walking down the aisle to marry the love of your life in it, then trust your instincts. 

 So my advice to brides on dress shopping…trust your gut, be open to new things, bring with you a few of your loved ones, don’t let the pressures of gown shopping get to you and most of all have fun with it! I had my first fitting the other day and truly fell more in love with the gown during the fitting and was absolutely sure I made the right decision. 

 I can’t wait to show you pictures!

 5 weeks to go….