A few of you may know this already – my new BFF is Skype!

If you’re not familiar with Skype, it is a software to make voice calls over the internet and to do video conferencing – within the network to another user it’s free (calls to a cell number or landlines are charged a fee)..

It’s TOTALLY changed planning with our long distance clients…

We currently have a couple planning a New Year’s Eve wedding here in Philadelphia from Antwerp, Belgium – we did our interview face to face on my laptop and we have weekly conference calls to review details….

I can take my laptop to a meeting with a decorator show the client samples the same as if there were sitting right there with us…..

Obviously, nothing will replace being able to touch linen samples or a tasting with a caterer – but for the most part we can schedule meetings based on the time differences and “meet’ with our clients just like they were in our studio.

And, clients don’t HAVE to be in Belgium or India (as another client is), it’s great for our clients in New York, Washington DC, across the country or just across town when they have a crazy schedule….

So to my new BFF Skype – I love you man!