by Rebecca Druckenmiller

I seriously cannot wait to dance the night away at our wedding.  When we first starting planning, we, like many couples, struggled with whether to hire a band or a DJ. Price obviously was a major factor in our decision-making process but it wasn’t the deciding factor. 

Dan and I both love the sound of live music.  We really enjoy going to concerts together and always enjoy live music or bands at local eateries, so early on in the planning process we decided that when we broke down the budget we would see if we could afford to have a band.  I think the struggle between hiring a band or a DJ really just comes down to personal preference.  I absolutely LOVE DJ’s at weddings; I know a lot who have absolutely blown me away with their work.  It was just our personal preference to have live music at our wedding and that was the direction we chose to go. So, as we worked through our budget, we decided what things were more important to us and found that in the end we did have enough money to allocate towards getting a band. 

Now, the biggest challenge was which band to hire.  Philadelphia has the most amazing bands and I was really town between a few.  I know many of the band members and leaders personally and I know first hand how incredible they all are so it was tough but in the end I ended up choosing, The Heartbeats!

I first heard them at our Lowe’s wedding this past spring and was totally blown away by them.  They are a ten-piece band with multiple vocalists, providing a lot of variety in sound and songs.   The price was also just perfect for us. We also decided to have them provide a musician for both ceremony and cocktails.  For ceremony we will have an acoustic guitarist and for cocktails we will have piano and sax.  Dan and I both love the sound of the guitar, some of our favorite musicians are John Mayer, Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson so we are hoping to have that same style and sound of music for our ceremony.  

When it comes time for you to choose your reception and ceremony musicians, don’t just think solely about the budget, think about the style of music you are looking for and the atmosphere you want to create for your guests. Then make sure you are hiring seasoned professionals who fit your budget and who know how to keep your dance floor packed all night long!