Sorry, I couldn’t resist…but it got you attention…

In the world of weddings – people abbreviate EVERYTHING!

It’s OK to abbreviate things like MOB (mother of the bride), FOG (father of the groom), BM (best man or bridesmaids)…when you are referring to them in passing.

STD  is PROBABLY something we should do away with abbreviating…. (Mark’s Rule) always spell out Save The Date

Especially try not to get caught up in other abbreviations we use in everyday communications when addressing invitations ….

Spell out things we commonly abbreviate like Street, Road and Boulevard…As well as cities and states….

We make sure to review client’s lists before printing and sending invitations for calligraphy

We always refer to Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette for suggestions on wording for wedding announcements, invitations and addressing envelopes…

But please, please, please start with not abbreviating STD