by Rebecca Druckenmiller

I love the elements of a Jewish wedding, they’re steeped in so much history and tradition…..and frankly many of them are so much fun!

Many of you of course know about the horah, but an unfamiliar tradition for some may be the Mezinke Tanz, which is derived from the tradition Krenzl dance.

You may know this tradition as a “crowning”. 

Rachel and Josh had a traditional crowning at their wedding as Rachel was the last child in her family to be married.  It is tradition that when the last son or daughter is married, the mother and father are seated in the middle of the room the couple place crowns of flowers placed on their heads while their family and guests dance around them. 

It’s an incredibly celebratory tradition and really makes you feel the love in the room as you watch their friends and family approach them in the circle to whisper wishes of love and support. 

Mazel Tov!

Congratulations to Rachel, Josh and their parents!

photo by Philip Gabriel Photography