In celebration of our upcoming engagement shoot I thought it would be fun to share with you how we chose our photographer and how we at the Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants match our clients with the best wedding professionals for their weddings. 

I’m so excited that Laura and her husband, Paul from Laura Eaton Photography will be shooting our wedding. 

When we were thinking about photography for the wedding, our decision was on one hand an easy one to make but also difficult. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many amazing photographers in Philadelphia and have fallen in love with so much of their work so obviously choosing just one was going to be difficult. 

So I decided to use the same method that we use to connect our brides with their wedding professionals.  We match them up based on the 3 p’s, price, personality and product. 

We have a database full of photographers that we have taken the time to get to know and understand who they are and the type of work they can offer at what price.  Using that information we are able to recommend to our couples wedding professionals that match their needs. 

Price wise, Laura and Paul were right in the range that we wanted to spend.  We were able to customize our package and after sitting with them, we knew what we would be getting in our package for the said price. 

Laura and Paul’s product is also the type of photography we were looking for.  I wanted more candid shots and was trying to stray from the portrait look (nothing wrong with it, just not our style).  They are both very unobtrusive when they work but always still manage to get the creative images I love so much. 

Now, while price and what you’re getting for it are usually top priorities, personality was a huge one for me. 

Dan is not comfortable in front of the camera, AT ALL.  He hates the attention, which makes me wonder how he’ll make it through the wedding day {haha}. 

When he hired Laura and Paul to take photos of our engagement he had the opportunity to get to know them both a little and by the end felt very comfortable.  This was really, super important to me.

I was already friendly with them both as I’ve worked with them several times but I wanted to make sure Dan was really comfortable with our photographer. 

When we discussed our options for photography, Dan said that if we could he would love to hire them because he already knew them and didn’t feel so awkward. 

That alone sold me but like I said, they really matched all three requirements of price, product and personality.