So, a few days ago I get a call from a local reporter asking –

If you were designing Chelsea’s wedding where would you have them get married? What would you do for flowers, cake, etc?

My answer:

I’m going to give you the answer I’d hope any good wedding planner would…

I don’t know Chelsea or Marc personally and since it’s their day the first thing we’d do, just like every couple we work with, is get to know their likes and dislikes, some of their favorite foods, colors, flowers and then build a wedding that reflects them.

I can throw out lots of color combinations, gown designers and over the top ideas – but without knowing them it’s just an over the top, pretty picture

Well I’m guessing the reporter didn’t like that answer as it never made the column…

The planners they did feature offered answers ranging  from historic and classic with earth-tones to American royalty with silver, white and gold with touches of red and blue with some sparkle…

OK, so let’s go back to the beginning…. regardless of if it’s Chelsea’s wedding, your wedding or (for moms) your daughter’s wedding …..

The first thing we do with EVERY client we work with is have them fill out our wedding questionnaire – we want to know as much as possible about each couple – likes, dislikes, allergies for food or flowers, size and vision of their wedding and any family dynamics we should know about….

Based on those answers we then prepare a customized month by month planning calendar with target dates, we use their answers to customize a working budget so we can refer them to the wedding professionals who are the best fit for their budget.

We then take the rest of the information to further filter the recomendations based on thier style and personality….

Of course we make recomendations based on our expertise ….but it’s your wedding day and should be a reflection of you….

So to the reporter who didn’t like our answer…..

Sorry – that’s the way wedding planning is in the real world….

To Chelsea and Marc: Great wedding, I hope it was all you dreamed it would be!