by Karen Peterkin

This morning I was greeted by the “Clinton Weather Forecast” on my favorite morning news show. 

I couldn’t help but giggle; it went a little overboard, but signaled to me what “famous” weddings mean for people in various countries. 

I have heard the reports over the past few days about Chelsea Clinton visiting a famous designer’s New York Store (Vera Wang) and recently heard that the area in which they’ll be married has been deemed a “no fly zone” and that reporters have been crawling around that community for weeks now. 

There is such anticipation with such a celebrated wedding.  Mostly I think it’s curiosity to see how the money will be spent (an estimated 2 million dollars!) 

Not many of us can imagine what it is like to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a dress…or two…or three, or what it’s like to spend hundreds of thousands on flowers, or on food and beverage alone. 

 But I’ll admit while I’m curious to see how a celebrity affair will take shape- what it will look like, what the photographs will communicate about the style of such a grandiose event-

I am equally interested to see the culmination of “real life” weddings (clients of ours, friends and family members…members of the Queen of Hearts Staff!  hee hee)

I anticipate every wedding I go to, as a guest or as a wedding planner. 

 I love seeing their vision for their wedding come together. 

It’s all about the love, really and truly. 

I’m a romantic and I love seeing families joined together for one day with one purpose- celebrating the union of two people, two families.  Whether they are celebrities or not!