OK, lets face it… our team hears this from every couple we work with…

“What do we get for groomsman’s gifts?”

Monogrammed Beer Mugs? {so, so 1980’s}

Cuff Links? { OK really? How many of the guys were shirts with French cuffs?}

Key chains? Money clips? {YAWN!}

Flasks? {DON’T encourage them to drink on the wedding day!}

We’ve seen sporting tickets, sports memorabilia, gift certificates to dinner, even a round of golf…

One of our grooms came up with this idea and we LOVE it…

Personalized, Monogrammed Steak BRANDING IRONS!

Let’s face it…grilling, red meat and groomsmen go together like ……. like, bridesmaids and bouquets!

He paired this up with a gift certificate to one of the home delivery steak companies and voila! Great Groomsman’s Gift!

What a great way to show off and impress a lady, or convince the parents you’re not ALWAYS eating takeout in your bachelor pad…

 A+ for Adam for coming up with this Great Guy Gift!