by Rebecca Druckenmiller


We Picked a Date!

Dan and I finally set our date!

 We’ll be getting married on March 12, 2011. I thought it might be beneficial to tell you what we thought about when picking our date, a lot more thought goes in to it than you might think.

First thing to consider was season.  I personally wanted a winter wedding. I don’t like the heat of a summer day and I like that a winter wedding will be different (plus I can wear a faux fur wrap, and possibly Uggs under my dress for pics if it snows).  You also have to take your personal responsibilities and commitments into consideration.  For example, we’re (Queen of Hearts) always very busy over wedding season and Dan is a soccer ref so his fall season is always very packed.  It just made sense for us to do a winter wedding. 

Now we had to narrow it down and pick a month.  December was off for me.  The holiday season is always crazy with my family.  We have a huge family and so we’re always all running around visiting.  January was also not an option for me, everyone is still recovering from the holiday season and the chances of a major snowstorm are just too high (now as I say that I’ve jinxed myself and I’ll end up with six feet of snow, you watch). We decided to be safe, we should probably do March. 

The date was an obvious choice for me.  I want to use a lot of candlelight and lighting as décor and I knew that with the time change, only the first two weeks of March would be dark enough at the time of my ceremony (5:30) to get the dramatic look that I’m going for.  I also like even numbers, (I know, I’m weird) so March 12 it is!

I officially have 10 months until the wedding, plenty of time but I want to get moving. 

Next up…choosing the venue.  This was a tough choice for me but stay tuned to see where we chose to have our wedding!