by Karen Peterkin

 Etiquette can be so confusing this day and age. 

“Wedding Rules” were put into place centuries ago:  an aisle runner is a must…well only if you want to keep evil spirits away from the Bride under her feet, otherwise nowadays it’s an option for a nice formal, traditional touch to the ceremony. 

The Bride and Groom must not see one another before the wedding…well only if you truly believe it’s bad luck, otherwise it can be a nice time to get photography out of the way before the ceremony! 

The Bride must wear a veil over her facewell only if you are participating in an arranged marriage and don’t want the Groom to back out ahead of time if he happens to see that you are less attractive than he would like, otherwise today it’s a glamorous formal, traditional touch to your Bridal attire. 

Female wedding guests should never wear white to the wedding...JUST MY OPINION!!

I know, I know, that last “rule” of wedding guests not wearing white to a wedding has also been rejected in this modern age. 

Centuries ago, when it was a must for Brides to wear only white to their wedding, the “rule” was put into place as to not compete with the Bride. 

Since then, not only have Brides begun to wear various shades of white, gold, silver, pink or yellow and have incorporated vibrant colors into their gowns, but our culture has loosened many of the traditions and “rules” over the centuries and decades.

However, in my humble opinion, the Bride should be in the spotlight, and there should be no one else at the wedding trying to compete for that spotlight and what makes the Bride’s dress and style unique on that day. 

In my opinion, it just gets tricky.  Brides can wear gowns that are form-fitting, that are cocktail length, that have pockets, or that are casual. 

I think it’s a gamble to wear a dress that is all white or champagne in color, since the style of a Bride’s dress can be all over the map these days. 

 If you think your white dress as a guest looks anything similar to any Bridal gowns that you see today, then please consider not wearing it!  Yes, you can accessorize with color: think belt, sweater, or jewelery, but I’m a traditional gal and think guests should step away from the zone of looking Bridal. 

 As a wedding planner, I see this all the time! 

I can remember a wedding not too long ago where four females were dressed in 100% white.  A guest wouldn’t want to embarrass themselves, or hurt the Bride’s feelings, so I would only ask…are there any other options for your dress? 

For this one day?  At the very least, ask the Bride’s opinion. 

She may care and she may not; better safe than sorry.

I know, I know…I’m traditional.  And that’s my disclaimer.

Great blog Karen….it makes me crazy too when I see gusts at a wedding wearing white!