by Rebecca Druckenmiller

The Queen of Hearts team had such an incredibly busy weekend but it was tons of fun and we’re so happy for our clients that were married. Christina led the team for Kristen and Cedric’s wedding on Friday night in south Jersey while Mark had a double header with Heather and Kevin’s wedding on Saturday at the Sofitel and Shira and Jacob’s wedding at the Crystal Tea Room Sunday.  We had such nice weather all weekend for these amazing couples and congratulations to all of them from the The Queen of Hearts team! 

On top of all this, I ran the Broad Street Run (a ten mile run through Philadelphia).  I ran it with my sister and cousin and we had such a great time but it got me thinking at the end of it when I was rubbing my feet that the whole Queen of Hearts team could probably use a trip to the spa after this crazy weekend. 

We are such huge fans of Tierra Mia, an organic nail spa in Rittenhouse Square.  I want to make an appointment this week, wait let me clarify, I NEED to make an appointment this week.  The spa features incredible nail treatments using all pure, organic, non-toxic solutions.  All of their polishes are water-based and the spa space itself is made of all VOC-free (volatile organic compounds), recycled and sustainable materials from the floor to the ceiling.  Their “3-free” motto (“non-toxic”, “organic” and “natural) ensures that you can enjoy all of their spa services without putting toxic chemicals onto your skin. 


I really want to try the Bagazo del Coconut hand treatment.  They soak your hands first in warm, infused organic cinnamon water and then fresh coconut meat is shredded and massaged onto your skin.  Then they rub organic coconut cream oil onto your hands as an ultra-hydrating mask.  Finally they wrap your hands in steamed towels to absorb the coconut and then they paint your nails with their water-based polishes.


They also have various massage treatments that I could really use right now.  I’ve also been informed that you can host parties in the spa too!  It would be so nice to treat my bridesmaids to spa services as their gifts. I really want to bring all my girls there and to get our nails done while we enjoy some cocktails.  Check out their site for all the organic services they have to offer!

Great job Rebecca – Congrats on finishing the Broad Street Run! Now go get a maggase!