We at Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants try to do as much as we can in both our personal and professional lives to leave as small of a carbon footprint on the planet as possible. 

rebecca-small by Rebecca Druckenmiller

We’ve already talked about how we recycle all of our non-sensitive paper, use recycled stationary and Mark even just got a composter!

But there are great ways that brides can “go green” too! 

We all know how important it is to some of you to get your gown preserved for future generations, but there is a way to preserve the planet in the process too!

The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists offers Zero Carbon Gown Preservations. 

Unfortunately when cleaning a gown or preserving it there is no way to be totally green because the solvents that are used produce carbon emissions.  But, the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists has partnered with Carbonfund.org and calculated the carbon footprint of cleaning your wedding gown and with the donations they make to Carbonfund.org from your cleaning fee they are able to offset the emissions produced by the cleaning or restoration of your gown. 

 The donations made to Carbonfund.org are used to fund reforestation projects that offset that carbon footprint.  How cool is that? All the information can be found at www.weddinggownspecialists.com


So, in honor of Earth Day, think about what you can do in your life to decrease your carbon footprint. 

And for all the brides out there, if you need help thinking of ways to make your wedding more “green”, give us a call, we have tons of ideas!