Something borrowed something blue…And silver sixpence in your shoe

Kristin by Kristin Park

This rhyme was reportedly printed in an 1894 edition of the Pennsylvania newspaper The Warren Ledger, where it was listed as a ‘Puritan Marriage Custom’.

 It is said that this collection of items will bring luck to the bride on her wedding day. A bride may try to incorporate a single item that meets all four “qualifications” {a borrowed blue handkerchief that is “new” to the bride but loaned to her from her grandmother, thus making it old} or four separate items to fulfill the rhyme. In addition a coin in the bride’s shoe is said to bring prosperity.

There are several spins on this rhyme…As a wedding planner with The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants I have been lucky enough to see this tradition carried out time and time again; however it never seems to get old!

‘Something old’ can be your mother or grandmother’s veil or a childhood pillow to hold your rings; this is a link of continuity from your past.

‘Something new’ can be your wedding dress, veil, or shoes; this symbolizes optimism and hope for the future.

‘Something borrowed’ can be family jewelry {strands of pearls} or your parent’s cake knife and server set; borrowing something is borrowing happiness from a happily married woman, so that their happiness will carry over to the new bride.

‘Something blue’ can be anything-blue stoned jewelry or a blue garter. For a modern spin try blue toe nail polish, blue eye shadow, a blue ribbon tied into your flowers, blue underwear, even wear light blue shoes…get creative; blue has been connected to weddings for centuries as a symbol of love, modesty, fidelity, good luck, purity and loyalty. But did you know that the color green is very important in the Italian wedding. In Italy, the tradition of something blue is replaced with something green. This color brings good luck to the married couple!

kate spade bow shoes

{I came across these adorable Kate Spade flats…such a fun way to incorporate both blue and green}

Lastly don’t forget a “sixpence”…A sixpence in the bride’s shoe represents wealth and financial security. For optimum fortune, the sixpence should be worn in the left shoe!

Will you be incorporating this tradition into your wedding? If so stay true to you and find a unique ‘something blue’!