rebecca-small by Rebecca Druckenmiller

Well, Sunday was our final bridal show of the season with the Bridal Event by Bouche Productions. 

 It’s been a really great season and we’ve had an awesome time meeting with brides and other wedding professionals. 

Mark spoke this past Sunday (like he usually does) during the presentation to give advice and planning tips to brides and a discussion about RSVP cards came up. 

One question was “What do you do when you get an RSVP card back with no name on it?”

Unfortunately this happens a lot. You may get an RSVP card that says the guest(s) are coming and that they want one chicken and one beef but they didn’t write their name on it. 

We always tell our brides to take a pencil and very lightly on the back of the card write a number that corresponds with their number on your guest spreadsheet.  That way, when you get back a no name RSVP card you can simply flip it over and look up the number and find that Aunt Sally and Uncle Joe forgot to put their names on it. 

This all made me think of a cool gadget you can use to do this instead of the pencil route, invisible pens!

These invisible pens have ink that’s invisible to the naked eye but when you shine it with the UV light it shows up!  You can find them all over the internet ( ) and your guests will never see the little number you’ve written on the back of their cards! 

invisable pens

On another note, there’s still one bridal event coming up if you missed the last bridal show, it’s called Soiree in the City!

 It’s on Sunday, April 25 from 2-6 pm at Trust in center city (formerly F.U.E.L House). Soiree in the City is a bridal styling event where you’ll find incredible bridal fashions, beautiful custom jewelry and hand-made accessories. 

You can still get tickets, so get on it and join us on Sunday!  See you there!