It is my pleasure to introduce our guest blogger, dear friend and amazing make up artist Béke Beau!

Béke’s work with our clients has been nothing short of stellar and her commitment to the environment and going green in both her personal life and business is a great example to all of us…..

Beke Beau

If you are a bride planning an eco-conscious wedding, you have a lot to think about: your venue’s carbon footprint, the sustainability of your décor and favors, transportation, and more, depending on how strong your convictions.   You may also consider making eco-friendly choices in terms of your personal style, such as your dress, and the make-up you’ll be wearing.   And while you want to stay true to your principles about environmentally sound practices, you also need your make-up to stay on.

Green beauty or not, you still have two choices: do your make-up yourself or hire a make-up artist.  If it’s the former, and you’re going to go it alone, then using so-called natural and/or organic products will be in order: “so-called,” because manufacturer labeling is not a perfect science, particularly in the United States, and just because a cosmetic is called “natural” or “organic” doesn’t mean that it is, or that it’s necessarily better for you.   Fear not; there are some helpful resources available online for educating yourself on making healthy cosmetic choices, including the Skin Deep Database, which rates the safety of thousands of products based on their ingredients.  

The fashionable eco-blog Fig & Sage will link you to natural beauty websites, including Nature of Beauty and Spirit Beauty Lounge where you can purchase ingredient-conscious brands like RMS Beauty (excellent concealers), Alima Pure (huge selection of eye shadows) and Revolution Organics (multi-tasking color balms).   The same rule of long-lasting make-up application still applies: set creamy products, like eye pencil, concealer and foundation, with a powder product, or before long, your carefully applied face will fade away.

While just about every category of conventional make-up has an effective natural alternative, the one product that is still problematic in terms of being both safe and long-lasting is mascara.  Brides and big lashes are a match made in heaven, and many of the natural brands can be a letdown, because they have yet to demonstrate the staying power of brands like L’Oreal or Lancome.  Get around this issue by wearing false lashes—Lashgrip Eyelash Adhesive from Ardell rates fairly well in safety on the Skin Deep Database, and false lashes, with care, can be reused.  Or, if your lashes are naturally light in color, try having them tinted black with vegetable dye by an esthetician.  If you still have your heart set on natural, long-lasting mascara, try Korres Abyssinia Oil Volumizing formula, which is remarkably smudge-free and thickening. 

If hiring a make-up artist is your plan, then your job is to find a professional who is well-versed in natural/organic products and uses them to your advantage.   If you are working with a wedding planner, rely on them to help you find an eco-conscious make-up artist.   If not, start by checking artist websites for information about the products they use and what, if anything, they do as professionals to be environmentally-friendly.    You can also contact them for a list of brands in their kit, or to ask if they would be willing to work with products you supply. 

Finally, remember that “green” beauty is a process, and will require some compromise.  Do your best for the planet, but do what’s best for you too on this one important day out of a lifetime to come.

Thanks Béke!

I’m sure you’ll be seeing more eco friendly make up tips from Béke in the future…..