rebecca-small by Rebecca Druckenmiller

Nah just kidding!

 But Shannon, the winner of our $3000 full service -Simple, Elegant and Stree Free planning package looked just about as excited as some of those contestants on game shows. 

Shannon was getting her hair curled by a partner wedding professional at the Sofitel- Bridal Event on March 28th and when she heard her name called as the winner of our giveaway, she popped her head up so quickly I think she almost gave the hair stylist a heart attack! 

I’m so excited to start working with Shannon.  She’s getting married to her fiancé Michael at the beautiful Cairnwood Estate in March. 

AND as if helping my bride plan a wedding at Cairnwood isn’t fun enough, I found out that we have something very rare in common, we both LOVE John Wayne movies.  I know, I’m a bit of a nerd but I just love old movies!

Also, for all of you that missed the bridal show, the newly renovated Sofitel Ballroom looks amazing so make sure you stop by and check it out!

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Thanks to photographer Michael Leslie for sharing his images of the Bridal Event!