As wedding planners we’re firm believers that before you can help brides plan Green Weddings you have to walk the walk……

The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants team members all have a dedication to doing everything we can to preserve our natural resources, reduce our waste and reuse or recycle everything we can….

In the past we’ve talked about things we were already doing…

And now we’re going Greener Still….

This past week we purchased a composter… {it was fairly inexpensive and easy to use} we now have a tumbler where we can compost our lawns clippings, and leaves as well as some of our household waste such as coffee grounds, and kitchen scraps…. Into the mix we can add all of the shredded private documents we used to recycle.


And I was able to source new trash bags….these are made from 100% recycled plastic and are made by and designed to breakdown in less than two years…

While we still recycle HUGE amounts from our office (in my home), the little bit we used to put in landfills in now reduced again greatly, and put back in a more bio degradable form or into our garden as a nutrient….

I’m really proud of our team and all the eco-friendly practices we’ve put in place and can then bring to our brides planning Green Philadelphia weddings!