rebecca-small by Rebecca Druckenmiller

Like any soon-to-be-bride {even those of you who are not professionals wedding planners}, over the past two years or so I’ve been collecting clippings from the million magazines and blog entries I’ve browsed.

I’ve been going through my clippings and putting together some design ideas I have and found a clipping I thought I’d share. 

It’s for Shardz “Art of Glass” pieces.  They take the broken glass from your Jewish ceremony ritual and encase it in a variety of pieces of artwork like a picture frame or glass menorah for you to have as a reminder of your wedding. 

For those who are not familiar with the breaking of the glass, it is a tradition that takes place at the conclusion of a Jewish ceremony. 

The glass is placed on the floor in a cloth and then the groom will smash it with his foot to break it, which is followed by everyone yelling Mazel Tov! which expresses “congratulations”! 

There are contradictions in the meaning of this tradition; some say it is for remembrance of the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, so that the bride and groom even at the height of personal joy will remember the destruction. 

Others say it represents just how fragile relationships can be while others (I think jokingly) say it symbolizes the last time that the groom is allowed to put his foot down. 

The beauty of this product is that  all you have to do is package the broken glass in the cloth bag they provide for you and send it to their studio where they will crush the glass even more and encase it in your chosen piece of art. 

These pieces can be found at

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