Ok, so here’s the truth about the rest of the wedding budget…


Except in certain isolated situations, you can’t have everything; most people have to have some give and take to keep within their budget….

Here are some tips….

Make a list of things that might not be in your main budget –

– Your honeymoon?

–  Wedding bands? {might be gifts to each other}

–  Transportation? {if everything is on one site}

–   Weddings Consultant- sometimes we come from a separate ‘sanity fund’ – partially because we are paid out over time and in MANY cases because the bride and her mom (or the groom) are investing in still liking each other by the end of the process.

–    We’ve even had a bride put her gown on that list as it came from a separate ‘fund’ or in one case was a gift from her grandmother!

 Then take a look at all of the other possible categories {and there are still A LOT} and make a list of 3 most important areas …

… this may take a little compromise {which is a good start for marriage}

These areas are then things you will want to budget a little more money for….

 Is there one area that is your splurge? Everyone has one…. Budget a little extra or decide to move any money you are under budget in another area there…

Is there one area that might not be important? That you’re willing to sacrifice and not go all out?

Putting all these things on paper is important….

–  It helps you keep focus on what’s important

–    A little over in one place is OK, but a little over in each area, when you are engaging in nearly 20 contracts really adds up!

 Next FOCUS – pick things as focal points… narrow in on a few memorable elements of the wedding to invest in…

 I see too many brides {especially doing DIY projects} do 15 little details – not only do they get lost in the shuffle and none are now memorable …. {in some cases less IS more}

 AND end up costing a small fortune….

 Setting priorities will make keeping on track MUCH easier…