Kristin by Kristin Park {her first blog post, YAY!}

For those of you who follow our blog, you know that I am newly ENGAGED!

Fortunately, as a wedding consultant I know that in planning your wedding everything revolves around the date-so one of our first steps {like yours will be too} was to pick the date…

1)      We knew that we wanted to get married in Walt Disney World-Disney certainly knows a thing or two about making dreams come true-I had already done some research and I knew that we could get married at any time of the year

2)      Since we both have teachers in our families our wedding had to be during the summer-June and July are usually busy months so August it is!

3)      This August would be too soon to put everything together with our families-2011 here we come

4)      During the end of August my family goes to Ohio for the Canfield fair-it’s tradition-therefore we needed to look at the beginning of the month

5)      We wanted to stay away from Friday, Saturday and Sunday because I knew that I wanted to have other wedding professionals at our wedding

6)      We liked the idea of having a Monday wedding so if some of our guests couldn’t take a whole vacation they could come to Disney for a long weekend

7)      That left us with 3 options: 8-1-11, 8-8-11 or 8-15-11

8)      Honestly we liked how 8-8-11 looked and sounded-but I had to make one phone call {one of my best friend’s birthday is 8-8} thankfully she was more than thrilled that she would be able to celebrate her birthday in Disney during our wedding

9)      We are getting married on 8-8-11 in Walt Disney World!


When picking your date remember that all the details of your wedding revolve around the date.

Everything from your color palette to your venue to your menu involve the date {or season}!

Be creative and take what’s important to you and your fiancé into consideration…

Do you have a must have, dream venue?

Then I suggest contacting the venue to see what their availability is-

If you know that you NEED a certain photographer {like we did ?} then check the photographer’s schedule!

GREAT POST Kristin! I’m excited to hear more about your wedding plans and things that an engaged wedding planner find interesting….