rebecca-small by Rebecca Druckenmiller

So I may not have a date set quite yet (we’re almost there) –

But like many soon to be brides I do have this whole wedding planned out in my head already so as I was doing some wedding “browsing” on Etsy the other day and I came across some really amazing cake toppers. 

 I find it incredible how trends change so drastically over time. 

Cake toppers used to look like this:


And now we’re seeing everything from cute little birds…








{from etsy seller: heahea}


To jeweled or funky letters..


2008-09-2018-21-07 {Kirah and Kyle’s wedding}

JAA_8842 {Leigh ann and Paul’s wedding}

Or fun and unique “clay people” {as I refer to them}

1793_Sarah_and_Blake {Sarah and Blake’s wedding – by}

DSC_3423 {Alycsa and Drew’s wedding}

Even tree toppers!

mb1 {Maura and Bill’s wedding- by etsy seller red light studio}

Wedding décor should be personalized to your taste and who you are as a couple.  Don’t be afraid to get creative with all the details, even with your cake toppers!