OK, OK ….enough teasing……

Gretchen is an avid reader of our blog and has been waiting so patiently for us to post images of their wedding on the blog….

So we’ve been teasing…. “Nice Day For A White Wedding”… as we all the images on the recent post “The Church of the Holy Trinity”….are alll actually images from their wedding….

I had to save the best for last…..

I had the best time working with Gretchen, Mitch and their families ….

Gretchen and I first met a little over a year before their wedding as she was a bridesmaid in her friend Kirah’s wedding….

Gretchen and Mitch’s wedding was beautiful, reflective of the two of them…. great food, great wine and great fun… a very classic, white wedding that reflected both Christian and Jewish faiths…

I had to tease a little and show a few images, but save the best for last….

This may well be one of my all time wedding photos, as Cliff Mautner caught the tear in Mitch’s eye as Gretchen and her father came down the aisle…


Gretchen and Mitch as they see each other for the first time in Rittenhouse Square before their ceremony.


A beautiful portrait of Gretchen…..


Gretchen and Mitch enjoying their wedding reception at the Hyatt at the Bellevue


Visit our Recent Wedding gallery to see additional images of this beautiful wedding….

Thanks to Gretchen and Mitch for allowing us to be part of such and AMAZING day…..