Karen-small by Karen Peterkin –

I love, love the follow statement, an excerpt from Peggy and Peter Post’s {The Emily Post Institute}2008 book “A Wedding Like No Other:” 

A bride comments about why she valued having a wedding planner:

“I didn’t want to have to be concerned with any of the nitty-gritty stuff- it would have driven me insane.  I was there to get married, period.  I’ve been at friends’ weddings where they worried about every last thing, and barely remember their wedding.  My wedding was just the reverse:  All I cared about was that the guests had wineglasses to drink from and a comfortable, inviting environment to enjoy themselves in.”

Not only do I love that statement, and love the priorities that this bride had, I also love this book! 

There are so many wonderful, personal accounts and stories in this book- many of them about how the various couples overcame obstacles in their planning or on their wedding day. 

The touching stories detail how they created some wonderful memories while not compromising the “feel” of their wedding day or their “wedding personalities”, even though their weddings didn’t go as planned. 

The weddings are so diverse; there’s a story in the book to which anyone can relate!

Oh yeah, and Mark is a contributor to the book as well!  (I swear he asked me not to mention that, but we’re proud of you, Mark!) 

LOL, thanks Karen – glad you’re enjoying the book!