Nope, it’s not a blog about another blizzard wedding….

And, it’s got nothing to do with Billy Idol…

Truthfully, it’s got nothing to do with anything except …..white weddings.

Planning as many Philadelphia weddings as The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants  team does, we get to be part of some beautiful weddings….. and see some really interesting color palettes….

We’ve done chocolate brown and every imaginable color…. a really cool blending of navy, lime grren and white…. pink and yellow, and tons of weddings with shades of pink and shades of purple….

All great, each beautiful in it’s own way, and reflecting that couple….

Recently we did a stunning white wedding…. I LOVED it – not only was the couple fun and great to work with…but it had a very timeless, classic look….

There is a big swing toward vintage, and classic in everything wedding…. everything from the elements of decor to cakes, gowns and hair styles….

Check out these images from our recent wedding by photographer Cliff Mautner

283_11-21-09              490_11-21-09  493_11-21-09           495_11-21-09      508_11-21-09