Life as a wedding planner is tough…

Especially this time of year in Philadelphia, everyone wants to show you their new products, venues and there’s lots of networking going on….

NOT the time to be trying to diet….

So a week ago when the email came – “What is a good day to drop off a box of cupcakes?”  I wanted to jump for joy, but knew an entire box of cupcakes would kill my diet….

Especially since the were from Zoë Lukas of Whipped Bakeshop….

whipped- zoe

So we set up a meeting at her bakeshop – figuring I could check out her studio {being a former chef I love to check out behind the scenes for clients}, I could sample and not  be tempted to eat an entire box of the tasty treats.

Zoë was too, too cool and set up a small tasting plate with sample cupcakes representing various cake, filling and frosting styles and flavors…{I was good and did a slice off each to taste them}….even when it came to my favorite RED VELVET {YUM!}

whipped cupcakes

I was really intrigued by a display of Valentine’s Day cookies featuring some fun, retro, Victorian Valentine’s Day cards done with an edible screen printing…. {hey, I’m the Queen of Hearts, Valentine’s Day’s my day!}

whipped valentines

I really enjoyed their work, they make great favors for weddings…. and they also showed me some of the beautiful weddings cakes they’ve done…

I got to spend time learning about her background and that not only has she worked for several of the top bakeries in the city before venturing out on her own..

BUT while working at one of those places she actually did one of my FAVORITE entries in Let them Eat Cake….A really YUMMY, lemon curd and coconut cake…

Thanks Zoë – it was great tasting your work and finally getting to meet you