I’m guessing most of you don’t speak fluent Korean…..so allow me to translate.


Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and congratulations on Korean cuisine stepping up and taking it’s place among the trendy foods….

First catering trends brought Thai food to the forefront – sate, peanut sauce and infusions with lemongrass, ginger, fish sauce and herbs…

Then came samplings of Peruvian, Chifa (Peruvian – Chinese) and Nuevo Latino fusion….

Korean looks to be the next cool, trend food heading for the wedding scene…

Melt in your mouth, braised short ribs with Korean BBQ sauce is starting to pop up on main stream menus… as will buckwheat noodle dishes associated with longevity in marriage.

I’m sure the next cocktail station will be making Jeon – savory pancakes made from various ingredients – chopped kimchi [pickled vegetables- generally associated with the spicy cabbage version] or seafood, mixed into a wheat flour-based batter, and then pan fried. Served dipped in a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, and red pepper powder.

As a fan of Korean food…I’m rally excited to see some new innovative foods coming to wedding menus.