I’m a HUGE fan of accent light…..

Colored washes on a wall can drastically change the feel of a room, fairly inexpensively….

Pin spots makes already beautiful floral centerpieces really pop in a dimmed ballroom….

And textured washes and monograms projected on a dance floor or ceiling can really personalize your wedding…

The important thing when doing lighting is tying it all together…. We generally partner with decorators who provide lighting or directly with an experienced lighting company.

In either case the key is for them both to work together to understand our brides vision – the color scheme, and overall feel of the wedding….

Unfortunately sometimes there are bands and djs who sometime provide as part of their package – “party lighting”…I’m sure you’ve seen it – disco lights, multi color intelligent lighting in hot pinks and purples….

If your wedding vision is an elegant candle light look in whites and creams with white linen and soft, romantic centerpieces –

BUT, hot pink splashes of light and swirling patterns can really take your wedding in a very different direction. So, know what your entertainment company is including….

Make sure that the lighting they think is ‘fun’ and will ‘make the party work’ is in line with the rest of the look of your wedding.

Don’t be afraid to tell them you’ve got a lighting specialist or decorator who understand the design esthetics of the wedding working on the lighting-

They can work together and make sure you have the beautiful wedding you’ve dreamed of…