We wanted to share some of our client’s weddings with you… now that we’ve made it through our busy schedule of fall weddings and the holidays….


Sarah + Blake are so much fun {we really like fun couples}….so that one really fun couple who are getting married at the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, with a reception at the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia and you’ve tamed them…right?


No chance…. Sarah {from Philly} and Blake {from Pittsburgh} currently live in southern California and shortly after we were hired I was in Newport Beach for a conference and got to meet with them… a large part of our relationship was long distance with lots of emails and phone conversations…

They had some very specifics taste in the elements of the wedding, having a great band to keep people dancing, their transportation, beer, and….oh ya, incorporating zebra print.

Zebra print in a basilica and Ritz Carlton wedding is a bit of a challenge – fun, but a bit of a challenge…. So we took off with a black and white theme- accented with subtle zebra stripes…

0748_Sarah_and_Blake 3830259658_da7ebf9d9f_b  3829442767_b077b81570_b0466_Sarah_and_Blake 1793_Sarah_and_Blake  1777_Sarah_and_Blake

Great music by Contagious, a Rolls Royce, Stella Artois, and both photo book and flip books by Go Festive made for a great party…

These beautiful images by photographer Andy Todes

Congratulations Sarah and Blake!