Once again congratulations are in order…

Kristin Park who has worked with our team as an assistant over the past few seasons, and who will be working with clients this year as a Wedding Day Director…has some news to share!

I got a call the other day…”Mark, call me back I need to talk to you about something!”

Well Face Book being what it is …I knew before she and I talked!

Kristin and Rich are engaged!

It seems that somewhere after midnight and ringing in the New Year with family, Kristin fell a sleep…. waking her up and heading home, Rich suggested they better take ‘the girls’ {Lily and Paisley} for their walk …

It was around 4:00 AM when Rich said he dropped “something” and asks me to help him find it-I was thinking you are only holding a leash…how did you drop that? 

Reluctantly I started walking back towards him and ask what he’s looking for-our street is dark so I couldn’t really see much-then I realized he was not looking for anything. 

There he was on one knee with the open ring box in his hand (I thought he was joking).  He then said something along the lines of “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you be my wife?  Will you marry me?” 

I was shocked and said “are you kidding me? Stop joking!” (still not fully believing him at this point). 

 He then takes the ring out of the box and that when I started to tear up…THEN I said “YES!” (about 10 times!). 

 He put the ring on my finger and we stood in the middle of the street hugging and I was crying. 

Kristin and Rich   ring

CONGRATULATIONS to Kristin and Rich….

Rumor has it a wedding at Walt Disney World is in the works….. {Kristin and I are both huge Disney fans so this should be interesting!}

And in case you’re counting….. that makes TWO team members of The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants who will be planning weddings this year….

I’m guessing we’re gonna be a little busy here!