I’m engaged! 


What a way to start of 2010, right?  We’re so excited to get started with planning but I wanted to start off by sharing with everyone how the most amazing day of my life unfolded…

My now fiancé (Dan) and I were working with a family friend to design our engagement ring.  Lisa Linhardt  made my ring and had just shown me a wax model of the ring about two weeks ago so I didn’t expect it to be ready for about three months. 

Either way, we planned an end of the year dinner to celebrate the great year we had together so Wednesday morning (December 30) started off with Dan sending me to the spa to get a facial, mani and pedi.  I got home and we started getting ready for dinner. 

 We headed down to the train station like usual to catch the train into the city (I live in Manayunk) and there was a limo waiting.  After a relaxing limo ride we arrived at the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia a little early for our reservation at 10 Arts so we decided to have a drink at a cocktail table next to the chandelier. 

After a few minutes Dan told me to go to the front desk and tell them my name, that something would be waiting for me. 

 I returned with 6 roses and a note explaining one for every year we’ve been together. 

 After a few more minutes Dan told me to stand up (I officially “knew” here) and to close my eyes, click my heels three times and turn around twice (so he had time to get the ring out). 

I did all this and when I opened my eyes he was on one knee. 


My mom later asked what he said and I honestly have no idea, it was all such a blur. 

I also don’t think I said yes, haha.  Either way after putting on my ring through hugs, kisses and tears and the sound of clapping from bystanders I noticed a lot of flashing. 

I looked up and Laura Eaton popped out of a planted bush in the lobby!  She and Paul (who was up on the balcony of the Ritz) and friend Phil Mantas had been hiding and taking pictures the entire time! 

So they took us outside to take pictures on Broad Street and at City Hall. 

It’s so nice to have pictures to look back on now.  I’ll never forget that night but now my friends and family can share with me through all of these wonderful images. 

19552_573748307116_48501221_33382442_5492737_n   19552_573748312106_48501221_33382443_4262035_n

19552_573748317096_48501221_33382444_6236741_n  19552_573748322086_48501221_33382445_3383755_n

We came in from the cold and said our goodbyes and headed to dinner. 

We arrived to find “Congratulations Rebecca and Dan” written on the menus and our table full of roses and candles and a bottle of champagne complimentary of “my boss” as the waitress informed me (Thanks so much Mark). 

 Our food was incredible! (If you haven’t been to 10 Arts you need to). 

 Our dessert had congratulations written on it and it was the perfect end to an amazing night. 

19552_573744689366_48501221_33382288_4623431_n  19552_573744589566_48501221_33382286_1950534_n[1

(from my iPhone)

Thank you again, Mark, Laura, Paul, Phil and to everyone at the Ritz Carlton for making this night so special. 

 I’m so grateful to have such amazing people in my life and for my fiancé (it still feels so crazy to finally be saying that). 

Thank you Dan for this night that I’ll never forget and for making me the happiest girl in the world. 

 It’s been an incredible 6 years and I can’t wait to be your wife! 

I love you….


Congratulations to Rebecca and Dan…..

I know everyone will be interested in hearing more about how the wedding planning process goes……