My team has been after me for the last week and a half….”when are you posting ‘it’ on the blog?”… “you need to put ‘it’ on the blog”… {Silly me I’ve been busy with weddings}.


Earlier this month while attending and presenting at the Association of Bridal Consultants 26th annual conference in Indianapolis; I was one of a hand full of consultants from across the country to sit for the panel interview and portfolio presentation for my Master Bridal Consultant tm designation.

To get to this point you have to compile a portfolio of a lifetime of your work in the wedding industry including documentation of weddings you’ve planned, continuing education, speaking, teaching, having weddings or articles published, additional industry affiliations, and community service – reaching specific point levels in five various categories….as well as answering several essay questions.

Then at the annual conference you present a portfolio of a wedding you planned which demonstrates “Master Level” skills to a panel of Master Bridal Consultants tm from around the world… who then interview you about you business, your career and specifically the wedding you presented.

I’m proud to announce that after this nearly yearlong process of documenting, organizing and presenting my work over the last 10 years; I have earned the designation of Master Bridal Consultant tm.

This is the highest designation awarded by the Association of Bridal Consultants – I am honored to have joined the ranks of only 50 Master Bridal Consultants tm worldwide, and I am currently the only planner in the greater Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey and Delaware region to hold this designation.


I can’t thank my team here enough for their hard work and support, I have to thank Maura and Bill for asking me to help them plan a beautiful, eco-friendly and challenging wedding- and allowing me to use it in my presentation, to Christina for designing some beautiful eco-friendly invitations, programs and escort cards which were a huge hit at both the wedding and with the panel.

Special thinks to Tim Sudall and the team of Video One Productions for the great trailer I used in my presentation, and to photographer Alison Conklin for her beautiful images of Maura and Bill’s wedding…

And to all the event professionals who were part of the wedding…espcially Dan and the team from Feastivites for thier amazing food, service and design ideas…

I couldn’t have done it without all of you….