Most of my colleagues know I have a few pet peeves….

Pre-setting coffee cups for a formal reception would be one…..

Guests who leave dirty plates and glasses on the sweetheart table while talking to the bride and groom would be another (leaving them on a food display REALLY makes me crazy).

However, number one on my list has to be using the word VENDOR….. we’ve eliminated it from our vocabulary!

street vendors  hot dog cart

Unless you are booking a hot dog cart, or buying pashminas from a sidewalk seller – you are NOT working with vendors …

At The Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants – we refer our couples to Wedding Professionals… we’ve met each and everyone, seen their work, tasted their food, visited their venue and know their pricing and personalities….

Wedding Professionals are trained professionals and artists who are not hobbiest, they use professional equipment, and attend seminars to constantly continue their education….

We pre-screen each Wedding Professional and match them to each couple’s specific likes, dislikes, needs and budget….

We call it the three P’s – Price, Product and Personality…

If you’ve been referred to a ‘vendor’ …… be careful, ya might get a hot dog cart!