Ever pick up a wedding magazine or go to a website and get the ‘timeline’ –

12-16 months – this, this and this… 9-12 months- that, that and that….. And you start counting on your fingers to see where that is in terms of your wedding date?

Or, you get a list of ‘preferred vendors’ from your reception venue and start to call – only to find out the people on the list are booked, too expensive or not your style…

What about the wedding you went to where the bride read every blog out there and did every DIY project she saw, and in the end there was a bunch of STUFF and none of it really reflected the bride or the groom?

Our job is to make your wedding personal –

We provide each couple with a customized planning calendar – month by month from the time you hire us to your wedding day… with target dates for each of the projects, to keep us all on track. At a glance you’ll know (and so will we) what’s up for the next month.

We do the same with a budget- we’ll take and break out a working budget, based on your priorities, national averages and local pricing – it’s all yours and a great tool to use as a guideline… it’s not carved in stone… it’s a work in progress…

And we’ll work with you to provide you with a customized list of pre screened wedding professionals as you need them- we’ve interviewed them, know their work, and know something about their base pricing as well as their personalities – and we’ve checked to see if they’re available…

It’s a list of people who should all be a good match for what you want….

We’ll also help you personalize your wedding- with menus, details and favors that reflect you – both of you… and sometimes less is more

We help you pick focal points to WOW your guests not overwhelm them… we help clients sift through the tons of inspiration images out there and put your own unique twists on them….

So you don’t do all of them in hopes of not having a cookie cutter wedding and end up with a wedding that looks like every other weddings, blog and magazine…and not reflecting you and your fiancé

Make it PERSONAL – we do