“I called them on Friday and the never called back until Tuesday” – “I called all weekend and only got voicemail”

Every so often I come in contact with bride at bridal shows who tell me this….

Here’s the simple truth – if the wedding professionals you are looking at are any good they are probably working most of the weekend….

In our case we occasionally have Friday night weddings, in most cases we have a Friday night rehearsal and may be out of the office from 3PM on….

As we also do a large number of Jewish weddings, have clients with post wedding brunches, multi day weddings and an occasional bridal show…so  we might be working on Sunday

Photographer, videographer, band, dj…. May do weddings several days in a weekend….

When we are confirming details or making planning calls on behalf of our clients I NEVER call on a Friday, and rarely call on a Monday unless I’m looking to leave a message as many wedding professionals try to take a day off…

Here are some great tips to help eliminate some stress in dealing with wedding professionals

–          If you call on a Friday, before 2PM is a good idea

–          Expect to leave a message on the weekend and hear back on Monday or Tuesday

–          If you need to speak to someone don’t call at noon…a lot of brides call on their lunch break

–          I try not to call bands and djs before 11 – they’re musicians and often work late night bookings

Understanding the schedules of wedding professionals might help make some of your planning a little less stressful and your relationship with professionals a little easier.

Enjoy your weekends!