This is my second year taking on this challenge presented by Wedding Wire and Clear Channel Communications (106.1) – and working with on air personalities Logan and Donna Storm

Last year we planned Lisa and Victor’s wedding and we had a blast….

I had a chance to briefly meet Sean and Jamie who are the winners… we did a little chatting about that they had envisioned for their wedding, what they liked and disliked, favorite colors, food allergies and that type of thing …


Then we went into the studio to get to meet them on air, find out how they met, how Sean proposed and to get to the fun part- telling them what they won!


I’ll be reporting this as we go through the process and telling you a bit about each of the wedding professionals who are also participating… and you can also hear us at where you can hear the morning show live all week if you’re not here in Philly.

So – Sean and Jamie met at a football game in high school when she in 9th grade and he was in 10th…and they’ve been together ever since…. He proposed on the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey … and yes he got down on one knee!

After today’s interview they hit the ground running….

With Monday being a holiday and New Jersey having a 72 hour application process for marriage license, and getting married NEXT FRIDAY – today was the day…period! Done – check…

They also stopped by the beautiful Aloft Hotel in Mt. Laurel who will be hosting the wedding … it’s BRAND NEW, as in the ribbon cutting was yesterday… we’ll be their first event!

We caught up via phone and reviewed the menu selections so Foodwerks – the exclusive caterer for the venue can get things rolling… (More about that later this week)

Tonight and this weekend they will have to work on a guest list of 106 family and friends so that Wedding Wire can send out invitations on Sunday night! (This is one case where and email invitation is the ONLY way to go!)

Tomorrow Jamie is off to Ashley’s Bridal to meet with John and Connie Kim to pick her gown in time to have alterations done in time for Friday’s wedding…

Sean will head to Drexel Hill to meet with Jimmy Buchakjian of Sagets Tuxedo Specialist to pick out his tuxedo….

Monday morning we meet up all over again to do a live broadcast to tell everyone how the weekend went and to talk with Jon Kim about the gown Jamie chose…

More on Monday – have a great weekend